Tumor Board Conferences for Multidisciplinary Skin Cancer Management: A Survey of US Cancer Centers
Published On: November 25, 2020
Mori et al. have administered a cross-sectional online survey to physician leaders of 59 skin cancer tumor board conferences (TBCs) at NCI-designated Comprehensive and Clinical Cancer Centers. A total of 38 physicians (72%) completed the survey. Half of the meeting leaders were medical and/or surgical oncologists, and dermatologists led one-third of meetings. TBCs had a moderate to significant impact on patient care according to 97% of respondents. All respondents indicated that the meetings enhanced communication among physicians and provided an opportunity for involved specialists and professionals to discuss cases. The most frequently cited barrier to organizing TBCs was determining a common available date and time for attendees (62%). The most common suggestion for improvement was to increase attendance, specialists, and/or motivation.